Sext me a nude!

People sexting, being sexted. Cartoons though, drawings - there are plenty of other tumbls you can send your actual nudes to. Or get on snapchat.

If I get enough of these together I’d love to make a zine collection - if you are into that then maybe think about this?

  • It will probably be one or two colours -> I’d like to print it this way if I can, so keep the layers separate. Even if that doesn’t end up happening it’s still kind of looks nice, right?
  • At least 300dpi
  • Looking into risographing or even screenprinting this thing so bear that in mind. Flat spot colours will probably work better than gradients and junk.
  • It’s going to be smallish - maybe A5ish?

Email to:


If you don’t have the time or interest in that, send me whatever you like for the tumblr, that would be rad: submit here